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DumbWaiter Waiter is a small freight elevator can be used everywhere: in hotels, restaurants, department stores, shopping centers, libraries, offices, banks, etc. A SILVER Dumbwaiter is made of stainless steel and pleases our customers by a reliable and trouble-free operation. There are 2 types of Dumbwaiters: Window type Dumbwaiter (WD) from 50 to 150kg and Floor type Dumbwaiter (FD) from 200kg to 300kg.

Window type
골드 CS-02 앞

Window type
The Window type DumbWaiter is installed at the height of the waist of a man so that users can use the system most conveniently.
this type is most suited to carry books and documents at libraries, offices, banks and similar facilities.
The system also enables users to conveniently and safely carry kitchen utensils, food and beverages at hotel restaurants.

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