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In this section you can download the standard layout drawings for elevators up to 2500kg with machine room and machine roomless elevators up to 2000kg.

Standard layouts are offered in 2 versions:
- Conventional lifts - with doors on one side
- Through type lifts - with doors on both sides at 180 degrees.

Passanger Elevator Layout
Capacity Overhead, mm Pit, mm Machine room
1.0 450~1600kg 3800
1500 O
1.5 450~1600kg 3900 1600 O
1.75 450~1600kg 4000 1700 O
0.75 1800~2500kg 3900 1600 O
1.0 1800~2500kg 4000 1700 O
1.0 450~1150kg 3800 1400 X
1.5 450~1150kg 4000 1600 X
1.75 450~1150kg 4100 1700 X
1.0 1200~2000kg 4500 1700 X
1.5 1200~2000kg 4700 1800 X
1.75 1200~2000kg 4900 2000 X

MR Passenger upto1150kg
MR Passenger Through type upto1275kg
MR Passenger Through type 1350_2500kg
MR Passenger1275_2500kg
MRL Overhead Plan 1350_2000kg
MRL Overhead Plan 450_1150kg
MRL Layout Entrance 1350_2000kg
MRL Layout Entrance 450_1150kg
MRL Hoisway Section 450_1150kg
MRL Hoistway Section 1350_2000kg
MRL Hoistway plan 1000 2S through
MRL Hoistway plan 1000 2S
MRL Hoistway plan2000kg CO
MRL Hoistway plan1600kg CO
MRL Hoistway plan1600kg 2S_Through
MRL Hoistway plan1350kg CO
MRL Hoistway plan2000kg 2S_Through
MRL Hoistway plan1150kg CO
MRL Hoistway plan1150kg 2S through
MRL Hoistway plan1350kg 2S_Through
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