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If you need to move lots of people up or down, escalators are the ideal solution. At airports and in shopping malls, SILVER escalators manage masses of people safely and quickly. Indoor or outdoor, commercial or public spaces, SILVER has the right mobility solution.

The standard line of SILVER escalators includes commercial escalator with 35 degrees with rise up to 6m and 30 degrees ones with rise up to 10m. The heavy duty escalators (Public Traffic Escalator) for the infrastructure projects are manufactured with 30 degrees and up to 16m height.

Basic technical date
Model Inclination Rise Step width Step material
Commercial Escalator
HS200-35K 35 degree ~6000mm 600,800,1000mm Stainless Steel/ Aluminum
HS200-30K 30 degree ~6000mm 600,800,1000mm Stainless Steel/ Aluminum
Medium Heigh Commercial Escalator
HS200-30M 30 degree 3000~10000mm 600,800,1000mm Stainless Steel/ Aluminum
Public Traffic Escalator
HS200-30M 30 degree 3000~16000mm 600,800,1000mm Stainless Steel/ Aluminum



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